The Best Deal on an iPad

People ALWAYS ask me how they can get a good deal on an iPad. Since last year, my recommendation has pretty consistently been to just check out Apple’s own base model iPad. Well last week, Apple added compatibility with their (fantastic) premium stylus, the Apple Pencil, to the new sixth generation of the iPad. For[…]

Quick Tip: Don’t Let Hackers Hold You Hostage! Use a Unique iCloud Password

There has been a rash of reports from people whose Macs have been locked remotely via Find My Mac, with the criminals responsible holding the Mac hostage until they receive a ransom in Bitcoin. First, if this happens to you, do not pay the ransom! Any Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Store can unlock[…]

The Best New iOS 11 Features

If you’re like me and waiting to replace your current iPhone with an iPhone X, you can still enjoy a whole lot of that “New and Improved!” experience with Apple’s iOS 11, which provides a host of new capabilities. There’s a lot to cover, and we have another article coming tomorrow about the iPad-specific changes[…]

iMessage Groups’ Hidden Features – How to iMessage Better than your Friends

iMessage is Apple’s “it just works” take on instant messaging. It’s baked into every device Apple sells, and adds new features regularly. From just about any Apple device, you can start a new conversation, enter someone’s phone number or email address, and start chatting. iMessage has many features not found in other messaging platforms, and[…]

Our Favorite iOS Mail App, Spark, is Now Available for Mac!

Here at Big Man, we have been using a 3rd party app to manage email on iPhone ever since Mailbox was in it’s invite-only beta. For those that remember, Mailbox was the perfect mail app. It popularized gestures for snoozing messages, quick categorization, and the idea of getting to “inbox zero,” the name for the often-elusive[…]