Split Check using Apple Pay

You’re out to lunch with tech-savvy friends, one of whom picks up the check and says, “Just send me your share via Apple Pay Cash.” Wait, what? Apple Pay Cash is Apple’s new person-to-person payment service, designed to make it easy for individuals to send and receive money. It’s perfect for repaying a friend who[…]

iPhone 6 Battery Replacements

Conspiracy theorists: YOU NAILED IT! It turns out that starting with iOS 10.2.1 Apple has been slowing down iPhones that have old, weak batteries to avoid unexpected shutdowns. Apple posted A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance to explain what was going on. Apple announced that it would reduce the price of[…]

How to Use Do Not Disturb While Driving

Distracted driving may not make headlines, but it’s a huge problem. In the United States in 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 391,000 people were injured and 3477 killed in accidents caused by distracted driving. Many things can distract drivers, but among the most concerning—and certainly the most avoidable—is texting. Given that[…]

Quick Tip: Don’t Let Hackers Hold You Hostage! Use a Unique iCloud Password

There has been a rash of reports from people whose Macs have been locked remotely via Find My Mac, with the criminals responsible holding the Mac hostage until they receive a ransom in Bitcoin. First, if this happens to you, do not pay the ransom! Any Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Store can unlock[…]

The Best New iOS 11 Features

If you’re like me and waiting to replace your current iPhone with an iPhone X, you can still enjoy a whole lot of that “New and Improved!” experience with Apple’s iOS 11, which provides a host of new capabilities. There’s a lot to cover, and we have another article coming tomorrow about the iPad-specific changes[…]

iMessage Groups’ Hidden Features – How to iMessage Better than your Friends

iMessage is Apple’s “it just works” take on instant messaging. It’s baked into every device Apple sells, and adds new features regularly. From just about any Apple device, you can start a new conversation, enter someone’s phone number or email address, and start chatting. iMessage has many features not found in other messaging platforms, and[…]