Quick Tip: Don’t Let Hackers Hold You Hostage! Use a Unique iCloud Password

There has been a rash of reports from people whose Macs have been locked remotely via Find My Mac, with the criminals responsible holding the Mac hostage until they receive a ransom in Bitcoin. First, if this happens to you, do not pay the ransom! Any Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Store can unlock[…]

Our Favorite iOS Mail App, Spark, is Now Available for Mac!

Here at Big Man, we have been using a 3rd party app to manage email on iPhone ever since Mailbox was in it’s invite-only beta. For those that remember, Mailbox was the perfect mail app. It popularized gestures for snoozing messages, quick categorization, and the idea of getting to “inbox zero,” the name for the often-elusive[…]

How to Have the Best Umbrella – Using on-site and cloud-based backups to prepare the for the worst rainy day

As computers become a bigger part of our lives, our pictures, documents, movies, and other data are increasingly stored on our computers or devices. Those hard drives and gadgets are susceptible to being dropped, stolen, damaged, or lost, not to mention the fact that they fail on their own once in a while. The need[…]

UPDATE: Apple releases 10.9.2, closes SSL Security hole

Today Apple released Mac OS X 10.9.2, which fixes the SSL vulnerability in OS X (discussed in detail previously). In addition to patching the security hole, OS 10.9.2 also fixes a number of bugs in OS X Mavericks. arstechnica.com writes, Apple has included a large number of other fixes and features too. The most prominent[…]

Downgrade to iTunes 10? No Need! Make iTunes 11 Work and Look like iTunes 10

iTunes 11 marked the first major update to the iTunes interface in almost 10 years. While some of the features are welcome (I love the updated iPhone/iPad sync page), many changes can be frustrating to navigate. In this video tutorial, check out four ways to restore the look and feel of iTunes 10 without hacking[…]