Downgrade to iTunes 10? No Need! Make iTunes 11 Work and Look like iTunes 10

iTunes 11 marked the first major update to the iTunes interface in almost 10 years. While some of the features are welcome (I love the updated iPhone/iPad sync page), many changes can be frustrating to navigate.

In this video tutorial, check out four ways to restore the look and feel of iTunes 10 without hacking anything or opening Terminal.

1. Change the view to Songs instead of Albums. Do this just by clicking the word “Songs” in the top middle of the music view.

2. In the View menu, enable the status bar. This shows how many songs in your library, as well as how much space your library is taking up.

3. In the View menu, enable the Side bar. This is the biggest change that makes iTunes look the most like the old version.

4. In the search field, click the tiny drop-down menu by the magnifying glass, and de-select “Search Entire Library.” This will force iTunes to start producing search results in the main window instead of in a small results pane.

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