Fix the Notifications on Your iPhone

I keep running into an issue in which I may be having a deep conversation, or watching a movie intently, or at dinner with friends, and my phone will beep to alert me about a new game of Scramble with Friends, and I completely lose focus on what I was doing previously.

Lifehacker, one of my favorite sites in case you were wondering, posted recently about how to best set your notifications to keep the less important apps (like Scramble with Friends) from distracting you at inopportune times.

Their point is basically to figure out which apps are most important, which apps are less important, and which apps are the least important. Next, set the most important apps to alert you in ways that get your attention, set the less important apps for less immediate notifications, and the least important apps from notifying you at all.

All the notifications on your iPhone can be modified in the settings app, under Notifications. I recommend going through the notifications with a fine-tooth comb. I was amazed that I was set to receive notifications from even a star-watching app (I can’t imagine when I’d want that notification–was it in case of asteroids?) of all things!

Read the full Lifehacker post here.

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