Quick Tip – How to Fix the Share Sheet Menu

The Share Sheet in iOS is one of the best and least understood features of iOS.

When you want to share a Web page link from Safari to Messages, search within a page in Safari, or save a PDF to iBooks, you tap the Share  button to bring up iOS’s Share sheet. If you have a lot of apps on your phone, particularly apps that handle multiple files types, you might have to scroll to the right quite a bit to get to the icon you want. Scrolling to the right forever can be annoying, but you can rearrange the Share sheet icons! Just touch and hold on the one you want to move, and then drag it right or left, lifting your finger to drop it in place. This trick works for each row in the sheet. Next time you’re in a Share sheet, take a moment to customize it the way you want– THIS WILL SAVE YOU TIME!


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