iMac Pro – A bargain at $4999?!?

When Apple announced the iMac Pro (arriving in December) this week at WWDC, I was excited then immediately discouraged by the price. Starting at $4999?! That’s nuts!

But then people started tallying up what was actually included in the iMac Pro. Much of the actual numbers are unknown still, but Apple did let several specifics out. Namely:

• An 8-core Xeon processor

• Four Thunderbolt 3 ports

• Four USB 3 ports

• One 10-Gig Ethernet port


• 32Gb of 2666 MHz ECC RAM

• Vega graphics

The DIY PC community started trying to emulate those specs with currently available parts, and the price quickly started to add up. The imgur user “squaruss” posted the following image to Imgur this week, showing a best effort to match the iMac Pro’s entry level $4999.

Note that even BEFORE including the Retina 5K screen, the cost is STILL almost $400 more than Apple’s price.

Now, it’s worth noting, PC components only go down in price, so by the time Apple is building this workstation, it will probably be possible for users to configure a similar Windows PC for cheaper. At least if you don’t include the screen!

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