iOS Hidden Tricks – Basics

There are tons of little tricks and hidden features in iOS that have been there for a while, but may not be widely known. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Scroll to Top

In almost any page on an iPhone, you can immediately scroll to the very top by tapping on the clock, in the center of the top status bar. Just tap the clock.


2. Take a Screenshot

Since iPhone OS 2.0, the ability to take a screen capture has been built in. To take a screen shot, press both the home button and the sleep/wake button (these are the only two physical buttons on all iPhones and iPads) at the same time. The picture will be saved in your device’s Camera Roll in Pictures.


3. Special Keyboard Characters

Need to make a “ñ” character on your iPad? Just hold the N key on the keyboard, and a set of alternate letters show up. This works for accents on vowels, umlauts on letters, and international punctuation. ¿Did you know you can even get the upside down question mark?


Stay tuned to the Big Blog for more hidden tricks in iOS.

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