Little Lion Fixes 2 – Save As vs. Versions

A highly touted new feature of Mac OS X Lion is Versions, the ability of applications to keep multiple versions of a file, so you can go back to a certain revision. Essentailly it is Time Machine within a file mixed with the History tab from Photoshop. If you realize that all the revisions you made on a file for the last hour or so were incorrect, you can simply open the version history, take a look at what you’ve done, and revert to any previous state.

Not all programs are fully “Versions” enabled, but all of Apple’s offerings are. For users of iWork’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, the new Versions feature can be confusing when it comes time to save. In iWork running on Mac OS Lion, there is no more option to Save As. In fact, even Save is missing on a document that had been previously saved, replaced with the new Save A Version.

This can present a problem if you want to save the document you are working on with a new name. Formerly you would have used Save As, but now you can simply “save a version,” which simply updates the document you’re working on. 

In order to save a different copy of the file somewhere else, the new command is “Duplicate.” Once you duplicate a file, the next time you look at the File Menu, you will see the option to Save. When you click that Save button, you will get the dialog box to change the name.

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