Little Lion Fixes 3 – There’s an App for That

After three weeks in the wild, Lion has made quite a roar. Apple touts the number of installations in a short amount of time, while Gizmodo is disappointed with the direction of Lion. My opinion is that when an operating system is brand new, both the people that love it and the people that hate it are more vocal than anyone else. Once Lion has been out for a few months, and people are buying computers that only run Lion, all the little things that are either awesome or annoying in these first few weeks will become less pronounced, and people will just get stuff done with their computers again.

A program I’ve found in the last couple days that is really handy is called Lion Tweaks. It’s free (donations are recommended — help a software developer out), and it very neatly centralizes a lot of the widely-circulating “fixes” for Lion.

You can download Lion Tweaks at the developer’s website, here.

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