Little Lion Fixes – Mailbox Rebuild

So Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has been out two weeks as of today. Overall, I’ve found it to be stable and quick. I’ve run into two or three little issues that I was able to resolve, and I wanted to post those resolutions here.

Today is Mail Search fixed through Rebuilding Mailbox

1. Mac OS X Mail search

I live in my Mac OS Mail. It’s the most important program I use. I am able to have six different email accounts in the same inbox, quickly searchable with all my email for the last ten years or so. In Snow Leopard, I had my had my technique down and everything, didn’t tickle or nothin. I would archive old messages to locally stored inboxes (in the “On My Mac” section), and when I needed something I knew was archived, I’d just search by sender or subject or content, and Mail would quickly show me my results.

In 10.7 Mail, the main features Apple touted were the updated interface (some love the new interface, some hate it. I’m not concerned, so long as it’s fast) and the new Search features.

After I upgraded, I would search the Mail program, and only mail that had arrived since the update would show up in results. All of my archived messages seemed unsearchable. To resolve the issue, I selected the mailbox then clicked the “Mailbox” menu, and selected “Rebuild.”

After a Rebuild of each mailbox, Mac OS X’s Mail search started working exactly as advertised, and it is wonderful.

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