Moving Your Data to a New Mac Using Setup Assistant

Rumor has it that a Mac Pro refresh is forthcoming. In light of this, I thought it’d be a good time to discuss the best ways to prepare for upgrading to a new computer. Over several blog posts, I’ll discuss the easiest ways to move your data, the most advanced ways, and a couple other methods just for good measure.

The easiest method is the built -in setup assistant on your new Mac. You’ll start up the new Mac, enter your name, AppleID, and address, then your new Mac will ask if you want to transfer everything from an existing Mac. Just say yes. It feels so good.

Your new Mac and your old Mac will need to be on the same network, either via Wi-Fi or (preferably) wired ethernet connection. On the old Mac, you’ll need to open Migration Assistant and enter your password. The new Mac will handle all the “heavy lifting.” Depending on the amount of data and the method of transfer, your migration will take anywhere from 1-2 hours up through 12 hours and possibly even longer.

When the migration is done, the new Mac will prompt you to click continue. Then, you should be able to log in using the username and password from your old Mac. One thing to keep in mind is that for security purposes, the new Mac will need you to enter your stored passwords. The computer will prompt you for these each time it needs one.

After entering your passwords, your new Mac should work and feel just like your old one!

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