Photos App in High Sierra Get New Editing Capability

In macOS 10.13 High Sierra, Apple dramatically improved the editing capabilities of Photos, the built in photo management and now editing app. They’ve added tools for adjusting specific colors, fine-tuning color and contrast using curves, and even focusing an image with vignetting. But it still lacks many features found in other image editors, including applying a filter to only a portion of an image and adding text to an image. Happily, the latest version of Photos brings back a feature from iPhoto that lets you edit any image with any editor on your Mac. Just Control- or right-click a photo and choose Edit With > YourFavoriteImageEditor, and the photo opens in that app. You can make your edits in Photoshop (or Pixelmator or any number of photo editing apps), and when you save those changes are saved in the version in Photos.

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