PSA – iPhones are not meant to be left in cars!

We would never leave our dogs or children in a hot parked car, but did you know you your iPhone can also get damaged if it’s left in a hot parked car? iPhones are rated for use at up to 95℉ (which is 35℃ for you metric-types) and can be stored at up to 113℉ (45℃). But the temperature inside your parked car, especially in Miami’s hot summer sun, can be more than 130℉ (55℃) within minutes. That intense heat can both temporarily disable your iPhone and damage the battery more permanently. If your iPhone gets too hot, it warns you, “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.” It also stops charging, dims and can even turn off the display, put its radios in a low-power state and disable the camera flash. Even during these heat safety measures, the iPhone CAN continue to give turn by turn audio cues from Apple Maps.

The best bet is to not keep your iPhone in your hot, parked car. If you notice any of the heat safety measures, get that phone into air conditioning, out of the sun, and let it cool down for a while.

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