School’s In for Summer

Oxford, MIT, Yale, Harvard, and Stanford are some of the leading institutions of higher education in the world. Did you know they all offer a significant amount of content completely free and available to anyone with iTunes on their computer?

The iTunes store started as a place to buy digital music, and has evolved from just selling songs to an enormous repository of books, apps, music, movies, tv shows, podcasts (I’ll write about those another time) and college lectures. 

If you open iTunes on your Mac or PC, click on the iTunes store link on the left hand column. Then, in the top navigation bar in the right hand section of the window, you’ll see the different categories of content available on iTunes. All the way on the right hand side of the list is iTunes U.

iTunes U is a free resource for anyone interested in learning more. Right now I’m personally chugging through two different classes. Are you interested in Harvard’s popular Justice course? Free. Available here (link opens in iTunes store). Want to learn how to develop apps for iPhones? How about learning how to write them from Stanford’s professors, complete with guest lectures from Apple software engineers? Here’s a link.

In my opinion, one of the best features of iTunes U is that the lectures play on your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, or computer. I can enjoy the classes anytime I’m near any of my Apple devices (or any computer!).

Come to think of it, maybe Alice Cooper was on to something, no more pencils, no more books. Just free HD video lectures. Enjoy!

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