Our Favorite iOS Mail App, Spark, is Now Available for Mac!

Here at Big Man, we have been using a 3rd party app to manage email on iPhone ever since Mailbox was in it’s invite-only beta. For those that remember, Mailbox was the perfect mail app. It popularized gestures for snoozing messages, quick categorization, and the idea of getting to “inbox zero,” the name for the often-elusive state of having dealt with all messages in one’s inbox (it’s magical, it really is). But sadly, Dropbox bought the Mailbox app company, and slowly, painfully killed it.

Anyway, Mailbox shut down in February of 2016, and since then us addicts have had to find an alternative for clean, smart, intuitive email management on our phones. After trying Outlook (good), Airmail (better, but inconsistent at time of testing), and EasilyDo (overwhelming options and set up at time of testing), we settled on Spark by Readdle.


Spark has "snooze" options so you can have a message come back to the inbox at a convenient time

Spark is very smart. I usually don’t like features that try to automatically sort my inbox (ahem, Outlook for iOS) but Spark’s automatic mail filter has never categorized a real message as a newsletter, or vice versa. Spark has customizable badge counts, so I’ve set mine to work like Mailbox, where it counts every item in my inbox, whether I’ve read it or not. Spark separates out newsletters, but doesn’t hide them on another screen a la Outlook, but just below the important stuff, a la Gmail’s web interface. And everything is customizable.

And as of today, Spark is out for Mac. Check it out via the Mac App Store here, and if you’re on mobile, check out Spark for iOS here. Check it out, and let us know in the comments if it’s love at first swipe, or if this email app is junk. Or some less-clever third option.

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