The Hottest and Coolest Gift this December – Nest Thermostat

It’s hard to think that a product as mundane as a thermostat could be exciting, but I promise, I have found an exciting thermostat! The Nest Learning Thermostat is the brainchild of Tony Fadell, who is credited with inventing the iPod during his time at Apple.

The Nest is a beautiful, simple thermostat that looks good on the wall, and automatically lights up when you approach it. The current temperature is clearly shown on a round LCD screen, and the only “button” the thermostat is the stainless steel ring, which you turn to move between options and press to select.

The thing about Nest that I was most excited about was the ability to control the home thermostat from anywhere using my computer, an iPad or my iPhone. During the installation, the Nest is configured to join your wifi network. Once it’s online, you set up an account at, and then see your home thermostat on, as well as on their apps which are available for all major mobile platforms.

My wife and I have had our Nest installed for a couple of weeks now, and we’ve both really come to love how elegant it looks and works, and the convenience of having the house start to cool down before we even get home.

Because right now is the most temperate time of year in South Florida, we haven’t had the air conditioning on much of the time, but we’re both looking forward to saving money on our energy bill.

I know it falls outside the realm of Apple products, but having a Nest at the house makes me feel a little closer to the Star Trek/Jetsons future I was always so excited about as a kid. Let me know if you’re interested in installing Nest at your home; Big Man Consulting has installed three already, with more orders on the way.

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