UPDATE: Apple releases 10.9.2, closes SSL Security hole


Today Apple released Mac OS X 10.9.2, which fixes the SSL vulnerability in OS X (discussed in detail previously). In addition to patching the security hole, OS 10.9.2 also fixes a number of bugs in OS X Mavericks. arstechnica.com writes,

Apple has included a large number of other fixes and features too. The most prominent is probably support for the FaceTime Audio feature originally introduced in iOS 7—as the name implies, it lets you use the FaceTime application to make voice calls as well as video calls. Call waiting support for FaceTime video and audio calls has also been added.

Run Software Update on your Mac now to update to 10.9.2 and solve the security vulnerability when connecting to SSL. You can also download the update directly here (for 10.9.1 users) and here (combo update for 10.9 or 10.9.1 users)

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