Dropbox: The new, free iDisk

Dropbox is a wonderful, free service that works like a MobileMe iDisk. As iDisk is disabled on June 30th as part of Apple’s final conversion from MobileMe to iCloud, I’m recommending Dropbox to replace iDisk.

Dropbox integrates well with your iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. After signing up for a free account here, download the app to your computer. Dropbox makes ¬†folder in your home folder called, “Dropbox.” Everything you put in that folder syncs up to a server, which is accessible via the Dropbox app on your other devices.

Inside your Dropbox folder are two folders that have extra features. One is Public, and another is Photos. When you put a folder of images in the Photos folder, you are able to copy a “Gallery” link, which you can share with friends and family. Step by step instructions on using Dropbox as a Gallery are available here.

The Public folder also lets you copy links to specific files. Recently, I wrote a blog entry about using the public folder to email large files. Read that here. Read about the Public folder on dropbox’s site here.

Between the instantly synced storage space, the galleries and the ability to share download links, Dropbox has emerged as a wonderful way to get back the functionality that iDisk is taking with it when it goes away on June 30th.

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