Facebook is full of crap

Facebook took out a series of full-page ads in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post today to get in front of Apple’s anti-tracking alert that your iphone will start showing you in 2021. Apple’s privacy update that Facebook is so concerned about merely pops up a notice asking if user’s consent to ad-tracking or if the phone should block cross-app and cross-site tracking.

Facebook has previously cautioned that Apple’s changes would lead to difficulties, not only for its own business model, but also for small businesses who use its platform to advertise. Facebook claims that ads displayed without personalized targeting generate 60 percent fewer sales than ads that do target consumers.


Just as a reminder – Facebook was caught offering a malicious VPN app that sent all of the app’s users’ phone browsing and other data straight to Facebook’s servers.

This ad Facebook released today is clearly misdirection. Facebook’s own aggresive tracking can’t withstand some sunlight, which is what Apple is going to direct at it. This is not about small business, this is about Facebook’s advertising business.

Don’t trust Facebook.

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