IT’S HERE!!! Premiere Pro goes Apple Silicon Native

One of the last big pieces of software I’ve been waiting to go full Apple Silicon Native has finally been released! Adobe Premiere Pro is now fully native on Apple Silicon!

When Apple shifted Macs from PowerPC to Intel, it took forever for software manufacturers to catch up. At the time, pre-iPhone, Apple wasn’t even close to the cultural presence it is today. I remember working at the Apple store in 2008 when Office 2008 was released. The intel switch had been completed 3-4 years earlier.

I have been so impressed by software manufacturers response to Apple Silicon. Microsoft had a native version of Office available in beta almost immediately, and shipping shortly thereafter. And Adobe’s Photoshop beta was live pretty quickly, and ended up shipping within six months or so of the first Apple Silicon hardware being released.

And now, Premiere Pro is native! I have a couple video projects that I’ve shot, but have been waiting to edit. I think subconsciously I was waiting for Premiere Pro, but semi-consciously, I just still really hate Final Cut Pro X.

I’ll post thoughts once I’ve used Premiere Pro in the next week or so.


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